jueves, 5 de julio de 2012

Unit 18


As a child, I lived with my family in a small house.

The house had a big yard. I played there with my sister, raw and neighbors.

My dad called me "cuchita" and I loved to sleep with him.

At 6 years enjoy my birthday party with my school friends and neighbors.

My favorite candy was the "pepito". My favorite toys were the Barbies and my stuffed pink panther.

My favorite song was "moon face" of the bacilos.

My favorite vacations was to go to Perú.

I graduated from high school in school "La Epifania".

miércoles, 4 de julio de 2012

Father's Day

Answers to questions from the teacher

My Friends Second Life 

Rusell Marin

My great friend who gives me her love and affection. The care and advised me to be a good daughter. Each day I thank God for having you with me. River of happiness because I have the best father. Thanks for guiding me in life. I love you daddy.

With my Daddy and my Sister

jueves, 7 de junio de 2012


My Heroes

What is your hero of present?

Name: Shakira
From: Barranquilla, Colombia
Occupation: Singer
Established a foundation in the city of Barranquilla in the late 1990's. This non-profit institution is called "Barefoot Foundation" and was created to provide assistance to the community unprotected children in Colombia and third world countries.

What is your hero of past?

Name: Mahatma Gandhi
Porbandar, India
Lawyer, politician

Gandhi was hero. He was a great leader. He helped to free his people.

What is your hero from the movies?

Name: Wonder Woman
Ocupattion: superheroine

It is considered vulnerable but at a level of goddess for the rest of the superheroes as they do not age, is immortal.
Wonder Woman has superhuman abilities and gifts great, granted to it by the Greek gods in his victory.

What is your hero personal? 

Name: Maria Elena
From: Lima, Perú
Ocupattion: Psychologist
Exemplary mother, a fighter, patient and friend.

miércoles, 6 de junio de 2012


Changes in my life 

      A: I want to change my hair style                          A: I want to change my computer
                  Suggestion                                                                Suggestion
      B: I should go to the hair saloon                            B: I should get money

      A: I want to get a new phone                                   A: I need a new look
                  Suggestion                                                          Suggestion 
      B: I should buy one in movistar                                B: I should get new clothes

I like to / I'd like to

I like to visit Perú.                                                            I like to listen to music
My favorite place is  costa verde beach.                    My favorite singer is Ricardo Arjona.

I’d like to learn languages.                                  I’d like to visit Argentina.

Bad Habits and Bad Qualities 

Bad Qualities  

- I am messy
- I am late all time
- I am impatient
- I am lazy

Bad Habits

- I eat a lot of junk food
-  I eat in my room
- I spend too much money
- I talk on the phone too much

Plans and dreams

After graduation, my goal is to get a good job in an important company and be a good engineer. I'd also like buy a house and a car, get married and start a family. 

domingo, 3 de junio de 2012

Unit 17

About my friend Marcos Mujica

He is Marcos Mujica. He is Maracaibo - Venezuela. He has twenty nine years old. He studies industrial engineering at urbe. He likes listening to music, go to the movies and surfing the net. He dislikes traffic. His dream is to graduate, visit Spain and safari in africa. He speaks a little english.

domingo, 11 de marzo de 2012

Unit 16


It's on the corner of C2 and 16 avenue.
It's across from Urb. La trinidad.
It's next to urb. El naranjal
The Urbe is on C2, Between Urb. La trinidad and El naranjal.

Club Comercio

It's on the street 72 and Bella vista avenue.
It's across from Edif. Clodomira
The club is on street 72, Between wendy's and Inversiones v&v CA

Unit 15

My favorite place to shopping

Sambil - Maracaibo

View corridor sambil - maracaibo

Dome sambil - maracaibo
My favorite mall for shopping is the Sambil. It has clothing stores, shoes, music, games, food and other things. It's located on the industrial area north and guajira avenue.

My favorite shop 


I like shopping at bershka because there are many clothes i like. There are many blouses, some shoes, a lot of pants and skirts. It's a very good brand and the clothes is gorgeus. I find everything i'm looking for. There isn't many ugly clothes there so. That's what i like it.


sábado, 11 de febrero de 2012

Unit 14

Feelings and emotions

  1. She is smiling. She this happy.
  2. He is crying. He is sad.
  3. The girl is angry.
  4. She is hungry.
  5. She is thirsty
  6. She is sleeping.
  7. She is scared.
  8. She is sleeping and you have cold.
  9. He is bored.
Answers to questions from the teacher


lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

Unit 13

Describing in cartoon

Describing people

Rafael and me.

My name is Maria Marin. I'm from maracaibo - venezuela. I do not like pizza, listening to rock, getting up early on the weekend. I'm eighteen years old. I'm a student industrial engineering at urbe. My email address is maria_dlams@hotmail.com. I like listening to music, dancing, going to the movies and travelling. I speak little english.

He is Rafael Morese, lives in ciudad ojeda. Your nickname is "Rafita". He has eighteen years old. He studies industrial engineering at urbe. Your email address is rafamorese_16@hotmail.com. He likes listening to music, playing volleyball and talking on the phone. He speaks a little english.

This is my group the class

sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2011

Unit 12

Jobs and ambitions
 What do you do?
Where do you work?   
What are you like?
What do you do exactly ?

He is songwriter and musician, your job is travel all around the world doing concerts, is a person of strong character but always paying attention to what was happening in the world to provide experiences. Does not have a routine, works around the world doing concerts, help and writes songs.

She is an actress, works in soap operas, movies and theater, is a simple person and friendly. Your job is to act, attend charity events and other things.

He is a writer of narrative and reflective novel, since October 2002 is member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters. Writes a weekly newspaper column published in media around the world. He hates the mandatory nature of religious practice. Does not support pray or go to church.

viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2011

unit 11


I'm wearing blue dress, a bracelet, a chain and sandals.

Me: I’m wearing blue jeans, a black and gray blouse, a bracelet, a chain and blue glasses.
Raquel: She wearing a short Brown, a black and pink blouse, a black belt and blue glasses.
Sofia: She wearing a blue jeans, a white blouse, a orange scarf and pink glasses.

¿What are you wearing?


lunes, 24 de octubre de 2011

Unit 10

Home Sweet Home

I live in a house. In my house, there are eleven rooms, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, three bathrooms and five bedrooms. There's also a balcony and a garage. My house is normal size, clean and pretty.

There is a sofa, a rug, a tv and there are plants in the living room.
There is a bath, a sink and a toilet in the bathroom.
There is a refrigerator, a stove, a dish washer and a table in the kitchen.
There is a closet, a tv, a bed, a rug, an armchair, there are bedside table, lamps and bed in the bedroom.

My favorite room
In the middle of the bedroom, there is a round rug. Next to the wall (on the right), there are bedside tables and the beds.
There is a lamp on the bedside table. There is a tv in front of the bed and there is a computer on the desk. Behind the chair there is a sofa.

You too can create your home in gliffy